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Sponsorship Information

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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring  We are proud to provide a positive and encouraging Web site where children can learn and explore the vast array of future possibilities. Our goal is to inspire children all over the world to dream lofty goals. 

The I Believe in Me Web site provides a variety of opportunities for sponsors to benefit from its relationships with teachers, families and others care givers who use the internet. Through banner messages, interactive activities, and content licensing, sponsors are given direct access to target this valuable audience.

Below you will find general information about our services and capabilities.

Sponsored E-mail Campaigns
Customized Activities
Why advertise with us?
  If you require more specific information regarding sponsorships, Web development, and consulting services, please e-mail 
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I.  Audience    
  Destination for children 4-12, featuring career-awareness learning activities and games.  This site is used by:

• Grade School Teachers

• Parents

• Sunday Schools

• Special Education Instructors

• Corporations that sponsor Bring Your Child to Work day (most notably GM)

• Libraries and Museums



II.  Media
  Banners and Buttons
• 468 x 60 Banner messages
• 120 x 60 button messages
• Editorial Promotions
  Rich Media
• JavaScript
• Shockwave/Flash
• Flash Actionscipt
• Animated Gif



III.         Sponsored Newsletters and E-mail Campaigns  
  Opted-in members will receive email each month.  We can design an E-mail campaign to complement Web site media or design customized activities to provide you with a multi-tiered approach.
• New Member and Birthday Messages
• When I Grow Up© (submissions published monthly)
• Other membership activities are currently in development]



IV.            Customization of Programs and Activities
  We offer many ways to sponsor existing content.
All Grades:  
I Believe in Me Screensaver. (Windows only)  
I'm Going To Be e-cards.  Kids can create and send e-cards.   
When I Grow Up   An online template and downloadable file that helps children to identify their interest and how those interests relate to future careers.  
Teacher Resource Kit  All of the activities on this site zipped into an Adobe Acrobat pdf that can be used on the Mac/Windows platform or MS Word format.  
Grades 4 - 6:
Find Your Career    A word find game featuring over 80 careers.  Upon circling a career title in the word-find game screen, a FAQ window opens with a description of the career, educational requirements and links to additional information.  
Grades K - 3:
Downloadable Career Coloring Pages  Individual images of various career professionals that can include the icon of a sponsor on the page.   
Downloadable Career 'Crowns'  These cutouts include the I Believe in Me logo in the raised center and the label "Future Architect", "Future Doctor", etc. Kids can cut them out, color and wear them home from school. We can include the sponsor's logo on the base of the crown.  
Online Coloring Book.  Place a banner ad on this page that will print with the image.  
Budding Babes :  Cutouts of the colorful I Believe in Me flower logo are glued to an ice cream stick with each child’s name and future career on a nametag. Plant flowers in a foam base to make a beautiful Garden of the Future display. Sponsor’s logo embossed on flower petal.  



V.               Why Advertise with Us?  
We predict that will become the premier site for positive inspiration and career-awareness materials and games for children.  No other site offers such a wide array of career-awareness content for kids.  
We know that our dynamic content will attract schools and organizations worldwide.  
Many children will use this site for at least 7 years, grades K – 6.  
It just makes good sense to identify your brand with the most positive site for children on the Internet”.  






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