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We are committed to protecting your privacy and the safety of our children online. Currently, we are only requesting teachers, parents or other guardians for information before downloading the screensaver as a way to track the number of downloads and to notify them of updates to the site.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), protects the online privacy of children and in keeping with this policy, we will not intentionally post, sell, rent or trade your personal information to third parties.

The activities for children do not currently require personal information. Our next phase of development will include a series of games commonly known as “edutainment”, educational entertainment. These games will require membership for access and will require the student to register once with our site. We will encourage children to obtain the permission of their parents before giving personal information to this or any Web site.

Cookies are small data files that are used to mark when and where you have visited on our site “only”. We can only view the cookies set by our site and cookies “can not” tell us anything about your personal information. Cookies only tell us how long you visited the site, where you went on the site, the type of browser, and the operating system used. This helps us to know which features and activities are used the most.

Advertisements on this site may be delivered by a Web advertising company that uses cookies. Information such as the number of times you viewed their ad but not your personal information is used. Using cookies is a standard practice on the Internet. There is usually a way to “opt-out” of an advertiser’s cookies and we will update you with that information.

Links with Other Site:
There are many links to other sites outside of Some may not follow the same privacy practices that we do and may send out their own cookies. We will take every precaution to make sure that a site is suitable for children before posting the link.

Protection of Your Personal Information:
Out Internet Service Provider (ISP) has assured us and is contractually bound to provide security for all information stored on their servers. This security included continuous network monitoring for potential hackers or viruses and a 24x7 onsite Security Guard.



Use of the I Believe in Me Web site is your agreement to the following terms. Since we expect to add and change content from time to time, you should check back with this page. We reserve the right to change the rules at any time.

Use of Content on This Web Site:
CAM multimedia created this site as a way to inspire children to reach their highest goals. We want them to play with and use our content, however no one is allowed to copy, upload, post or distribute any of our content without our permission first.

We may reuse any suggestions, comments, or ideas in any way that we want – forever. Anything that you submit or post belongs to us and we do not have to pay for any submissions.

Release from Liability:
The Web site and CAM Multimedia does not in any way promise that defects in products or materials on our site will be corrected. We do not warrant that this Web site is free of viruses or problems. We are not responsible for any harm that comes to your or your property (i.e. your computer) from the use of this Web site. Although we provide links to other Web sites, we are in no way responsible for any of the content that appears on those sites.

Communication Standards:
We are not responsible for any message sent with our “Send this page to a friend” link or messages sent with the e-card feature. When using these tools, you may not say anything offensive. You may not post or attach anything that contains a virus or anything else that may harm our Web site or its users.

Violation of the Rules:
We will restrict the use of this Web site for anyone who breaks these rules. If you disagree about the meaning or how the rules apply to you the laws of the State of New Jersey will apply.


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