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Concept/ Topic to Teach:

Career-Awareness/ Practical Arts

Standards Addressed:

Career Awareness and Planning

General Goal:

To introduce students to a multitude of career opportunities besides the usual choices, like police officer, athlete or fire fighter, (although we have included resources for these professions to).

Specific Objectives:

  • Students will be able to identify a profession and understand its job description
  • The result of this activity, the Garden of the Future© can serve as an ongoing career-awareness tool

Required Materials:

  • Popsicle (craft) sticks or stiff cardboard strips
  • Printout of the I Believe in Me© flower and nametag for each student
  • Print Career Crown© for each career choice

Anticipatory Set (lead-In):

You can begin this exercise by initiating a discussion about what children want to be when they grow up. In addition you can use the following – all available at:

  • Career Coloring pages
  • Print-outs of career descriptions (partially complete, expected completion date: 11/03)
  • Have students work through and print out a copy of the When I Grow Up© interactive online activity
  • Have students work through and print out a copy of For Kids Who Like© interactive online activity (expected completion date 10/03)

Step-By-Step Procedures:

  • Printout a flower and nametag for each student
  • Have student color the career flower and complete nametag
  • Paste flower onto the end of a Popsicle (craft) stick, paste completed nametag a bit farther down the stick

Plan For Independent Practice:

Students can explore the multitude of future options by visiting the site and using any of the activities not used in the Lead-In section. Those activities include:

  • Select, download and color a Career Crown or Career Coloring Page
  • Use the When I Grow Up© interactive online activity
  • Obtain information from Career Summary Pages
  • Use the For Kids Who Like© interactive online activity

After exploring their options, students may wish to replace their career choice on the nametag.


Conduct a formal ceremony that will allow children to insert their flower into the Garden of the Future© box. This can be a nicely decorated shoebox with a foam insert that has been pre-cut with slots to insert each flower.

During the formal ceremony students can wear the Career Crown of choice. As each student plants their future, you can have them repeat a phrase like:

“If I can see it, and believe it, I can achieve it!” You may need to prepare a large cue card in advance with this or the statement of choice to help some students recite correctly.

Place the bouquet in a very visible spot where students can see it daily as a reminder of their future hopes and aspirations.



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